Group Members

Head of Research Group

Assoc. Prof. Isman Kurniawan, Ph.D.
School of Computing
Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia
Research Fields: Data Science, Chemoinformatics, Artificial Inteligence, Machine Learning, Computational Chemistry
Email: [email protected]

Student Member

Doctoral Student

Fhira Nhita
Development of Evolutionary Hybrid Sampling Method to Improve Classification Model Performance on Imbalanced Data

Master Student

Diya Namira Purba
Implementation of Firefly Algorithm Under-sampling Method in Handling Imbalance Data of Drug Target Interaction Prediction
Rizky Nurhaliza Harahap
Implementation of Ant Colony-SMOTE for Oversampling-Based to Handling Imbalanced Data in Drug Target Interaction Prediction
Asty Nabilah ‘Izzaturrahmah
Text-based Classification of Depression Detection by using Transformer Method Optimized by Grey Wolf Optimization
Muhammad Yusuf ML
Predicting Drug-Target Interaction With Structural-Based Feature By Using Graph Neural Network Optimized By Gravitational Search Algorithm
Ghina Khoerunnisa
Enhancing Generalization Ability of Drug Receptor Affinity Prediction Model through a Pre-trained Language Model and MultiHead Attention
Muhammad Rizky Yusfian Yusuf
Improving Drug Target Affinity Prediction using Dynamic Graph Attention Network with Multi-scales Features and Gated Skip Connection Mechanism
Wa Ode Dwiki Bella Avista
Implementation of Komodo Mlipir Algorithm-based Undersampling Method (KMAUS) in Handling Imbalanced Data

Undergraduate Student

Muhammad Omar Dhani
Implementation of Gravitational Search Algorithm-CNN for COVID-19 Detection by using CT Scan Image
Fahri Sunarya
Utilizing the Bat Algorithm-Ensemble Approach for Ulcerative Colitis Detection from Gene Expression Data
Azzahra Kamila Linanda
Implementation of Cuckoo Search-Support Vector Machine Method in detecting ulcerative colitis based on gene expression data
M Aziz Al Adro Jalil
Predictive Modeling of Ulcerative Colitis Using Artificial Neural Network Optimized by Firefly Algorithm
Raden Muhammad Revi Hafiyyan
Predicting Drug Side Effect Using Gravitational Search Algorithm-Support Vector Machines Method: Case Study Eye disorders
Aditya Nugraha
Drug Side Effect Prediction using Cuckoo Search-Ensemble Method: Case Study Eye disorders
Auzan Fadhlan
Implementation of Artificial Neural Network optimized by Simulated Annealing in Predicting Side Effect: Case Study Eye disorders
Radli Maulana Arief
Implementation of Vision Transformer Method tuned by Grey Wolf Optimizer in detecting brain tumor based on medical image
Dicky Permata Putra
Medical Image-Based Brain Tumor Detection using BigTransfer Method tuned by Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Satria Ginting
Implementation of Firefly Algorithm-Support Vector Machine in Predicting Blood-Brain Barrier Penetration of Drug Candidate
Rayhan Risq Arya Brinanta
Predicting Blood-Brain Barrier Penetration of Drug Candidates Using a Cuckoo Search-Ensemble Method
Raden Fasya Mazaya Putri
Predictive Modeling of Blood-Brain Barrier Penetration of Drug Candidates Using Artificial Neural Network Optimized by Sine Cosine Algorithm
I Wayan Ardi Satya Putra
Implementation of Gravitational Search Algorithm-Support Vector Machine in prediction bioactivity of tetrahydropteridin derivatives as PLK1 inhibitor
Farhan Reypialfarizi
Predicting bioactivity of tetrahydropteridin derivatives as PLK1 Inhibitor using Multilayer Perceptron Optimized by Simulated Annealing
Daffa Maulana Fadhilah
Predictive Modeling of tetrahydropteridin derivatives bioactivity as PLK1 Inhibitor Using Cuckoo Search Algorithm-Ensemble Method
Muhammad Lutfi Zakaria
Rice Price Prediction in Bandung Regency, West Java Using Temporal Fusion Transformer Method Optimized by Grey Wolf Optimizer Algorithm